Machine Knitting For Beginners


You were gifted an old knitting machine or you know how to knit by hand and thought machine knitting will speed it up? Well, by no means I want to scare you but this is quite another cup of tea!

Machine knitting offers you a wide range of techniques that are almost unachievable by working with your hands. Imagine fast lace knitting or jacquard colour work. You just need the right tools to find your way through the start and this whole new world will open up in front of your feet.


We offer a workshop for beginners in our shop in Hamburg, Karoviertel.
The aim is to give you a good overview on different models of knitting machines, techniques and tools in order to give you a head start on your own projects.
You can either bring your own knitting machine or work on one of ours.

A couple of facts regarding the workshop:

Location: faible and failure shop in Glashüttenstraße 5, 20357 Hamburg.
Timing: Please enquire for an appointment below. The one-on-one workshops take 3-4 hours depending on your speed, knowledge and desire to practice.
Cost: 150€ all inclusive yarn and other materials.


We currently have three five machines and various accessories in our studio:

Brother KH892
Brother KH970 + KR850 and Colour Changer KRC-1000E and Intarsia Carriage
Brother KH260 + KR260
Brother KH260

We’ll start by talking you through the basics of knitting machines, their mechanics and types of yarns. At first you will work at the Brother KH892, a punch card driven knitting machine or it’s chunky sister Brother KH260. You will learn how to cast on, increase and decrease, change colour and work patterns with the punch cards as well as doing different versions of binding off. Our aim is to practice until you’re confident working the basics on the knitting machine. If you like, we can also continue to work with the ribber.

Of course it’s also possible to bring your own machine - please let me know upon booking an appointment.

We’re happy to answer all your questions to our best knowledge and show you how to achieve the desired techniques, patterns or effects. The program is subject to change if you wish to go into depth more or would like to talk about specific topics.


To book and make an appointment, please send an email to

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Saturday 12 pm - 6 pm

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